Birchanger Dog Field

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Birchanger Dog Field is a safe space to exercise and train dogs in a secure space with secure parking. Recall can be taught, or games or toys can be played. There is room to run as the secure field is just over 1.6 acres in size with strong Tornado deer fencing 1.8 metres high and chicken wire into the ground.

We offer use of the field exclusively for you, with your family and friends' or for dog walkers, dog sitters and dog trainers, up to a maximum of 10 dogs at any one time.

A lovely set of dogs in our field
A sweet young puppy in her first dog field play
A white Alsatian and Chihuahua relaxing in the dog field
A cocker Spaniel in the field

If you have very specific needs that don't fit into the norm, please contact me at and I can see how I can accommodate you, alternatively call me, Kerry on 07970 489321

Please use the calendar and booking system provided. Slots are normally for 50 minutes with 10 minutes to vacate.

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There are many reasons why a secure field may be suitable for you and your dog(s). Reasons may include:

  • an injured dog or a dog who has recently had an operation
  • a dog with impaired senses such as being blind or deaf
  • a female dog in season
  • rescue dogs or dogs who are highly scent driven
  • young dogs with poor or yet to be established recall
  • working dogs
  • old dogs
  • dogs who are reactive to people and other dogs